A short lil game where you run about and shoot aliens. You can try not shooting the aliens if you want but it will make the game considerably harder.

An entry for GBJam 5. Made with the Jelli Game Engine. No touchscreen support, sorry.


  • W/Enter : START (Pause)
  • Q/Space : SELECT (Missile)
  • X : A (Jump)
  • Z : B (Shoot)
  • IJKL/Arrows : D-pad (Move)

Some notes:

  • Designed to run on pretty much anything, although Safari is buggy sometimes (I swear this is their problem and not mine) and IE probably won't have sound and may not work at all.
  • Susan has some difficulties making it into doorways when she's falling really fast! (Have you ever tried fitting into a narrow entryway when you're falling at breakneck speed?!) For best results, try to pass through doorways at the top of your jump arc. (There is one room in particular where this is important.)
  • If the controls don't seem to be working, it's possible you paused the game on accident!! Try pressing START.
  • You can end the game at any time by pausing the game and pressing SELECT. To start the game fresh, reload the page.
  • You can add tinting to the game screen using "," and ".". The default tint is grey.
  • If you find the game is running slowly, try decreasing the size of the screen!
TagsAliens, Atmospheric, Black and White, Game Boy
Average sessionA few minutes

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